The ZHSC, as it is known, was formed on the 5th November 1958 to’ foster good relations and create a bond of interest among those who had only a vague knowledge of hunting.’

The Supporters Club is managed by a Committee headed up by Sarah Dickenson. Committee members stand for three years from the AGM with about two retiring each year. New members are always welcome to be nominated but, of course, it is not in the least necessary to be on the Committee in order to assist. In fact, the ZHSC relies very heavily on the support particularly of the Ladies of the Hunt to provide the catering for various functions such as the Puppy Show.

Several fund raising functions are held each year such as The Farmers Ball, Sunday Lunch and various quizzes. The ZHSC has its own meeting rooms known as The Arches at the Kennels.

The members assist at events such as the Puppy Show, Point to Point etc.

Membership costs just £15 per year and members receive a regular newsletter and email updates on events.

Application forms are available by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..