Latest Autumn Scent training advice

Dear All,
Following new guidelines issued by the MFHA, we are delighted to be able to say that subject to keeping within certain Covid secure guidelines, we can begin scent training with UNRESTRICTED numbers as soon as the harvest allows us.
In order to do this we have to keep to some fairly strict, but not too difficult to follow guidelines. Essentially it involves making sure we keep social distance of 1m and that we know and record exactly who is out, so that track and trace can happen, should it need to. Hunting is of course always in the spotlight, but is likely to be even more so, as we are seen to be enjoying ourselves again, so we have a duty to hunting as a whole and to ourselves of course to do this as best we can and to be SEEN to be doing it.
For mounted followers It will involve a system of booking in before being able to come out. We will try to make this as simple and flexible as possible. Over the next few days we will let you know the exact process we will use, the guidelines/rules that we need to follow and the a summary of how things are likely to work. Basically hunting is a socially distanced sport, so keeping to the rules should be pretty straight forward, but it is crucial that we do. Then there is no reason why we cannot continue and have a great time as we always do. A summary of the guidelines for followers is attached.
The Masters”
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