Results from the Fallers Club 2016\17


Falles Club 10th March 2017

The Arches

Comedy Fall -                                   Richard Hovington  For his fall walking over a ditch , opening meet

Most impressive fall                         David Jukes, hitting a moving car, High Conniscliffe meet.

Save of the Season                         Emma Stevens, for managing to cling on after her horse bolted whe she was getting on after doing a gate,                                                          Farmers Meet  

Bog Man                                          Darren Todd for hitting a Bog almost removing his saddle and taking a penknife to the chest  High House,

                                                         Marwood Marwood

Most helpful Child of the Season   James Richardson

Overall faller of the season            Tom Cranage (whipper in)  with 5 falls in total.

All fallers have been awarded wooden spoons.  If anyone wasn't at the fallers club awards ceremony and would like their wooden spoon, please contact

Kathryn Logan, Jane Dobbinson or Nim Spalding