Results Brettanby Hunter Trial 2017

                                 BRETTANBY HUNTER TRIAL RESULTS 2017

                                           Rider                                                      Horse


  Joint 1st          Anna Tuer                                                    Beartie

                         Ella Gibbon                                                  Sliver Shadow

 Joint 3rd         Becca Dillon                                                 Busy Biscuit

                       Claudia Saxby                                              King Osker

          5th          Louise Venables                                           Midas

          6th         Suzanne Knight                                            Badger

          7th         Evie Hole-Todd                                             Toffee

  Joint 8th        Jade  Affleck                                             Katie

                      Emily Worsdale Marmite
  Joint 10th      Hattie Down


Senor Firecracker

                    Emma Gibbon Daisy
                    Tina Benson Carwood Native Gold

                    Emma Hawksby


               1st       Harriet Hodgson Tynagh Barry
                      Aaron Clark Jessie Black
              2nd      Imogen Thornton Manninard Hobnob
              3rd       Ruby Todd Scrappy
                     Lydia Turnbull William
    Joint 4th      Neil Snowdon Jasper
  Abbie Emms Matrix
  Jade Affleck Katie
  Fliss Stephenson Buckley
6th Becca Dillon Busy Biscuit
  Kate Cassidy Pinfold Leo 111
7th Suzanne Knight Gulf Coast
  Fran Barrigan Dark Champion

Angela Hawksby

Rebecca Bradley

9th Hollie & Hannah Dent Maisie & Samara Sky
         10th Georgina Seal Alfunzo
  Jess Archer Bud


1st Harriet Hodgson Tynagh Barry
 Joint   2nd Rebecca Gair Todd
  Rosie Bell Dougie
4th Charlotte Wells Nutmeg
5th Lydia Turnbull William
6th Kizzy Turnbull Whizzy
 Joint   7th Hannah Raw Trixie
  Beth Ostle Toby
 Joint  9th Ruby Todd Scrappy
         10th       Helen Orton Stan



RESULTS Zetland Puppy Show 2nd June 2017

Results from the Puppy Show on 2nd June 2017

Dog Hounds

1st   Ripper        Walked by Mrs S Amery WhashtonZetlandRipper

2nd  Richmond  Walked by Mrs R Andrew Halnaby

3rd   Durham      Walked by Mrs K Anderson


1st  Dusty   Walked by Miss Rosie Bell

2nd Duchess   Walked by Miss Rosie Bell

3rd.  Ringlet    Walked by  Mrs D Todd









 If you have some pictures that you would like to have on the website(of the puppy show) please email them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Results from the Fallers Club 2016\17


Falles Club 10th March 2017

The Arches

Comedy Fall -                                   Richard Hovington  For his fall walking over a ditch , opening meet

Most impressive fall                         David Jukes, hitting a moving car, High Conniscliffe meet.

Save of the Season                         Emma Stevens, for managing to cling on after her horse bolted whe she was getting on after doing a gate,                                                          Farmers Meet  

Bog Man                                          Darren Todd for hitting a Bog almost removing his saddle and taking a penknife to the chest  High House,

                                                         Marwood Marwood

Most helpful Child of the Season   James Richardson

Overall faller of the season            Tom Cranage (whipper in)  with 5 falls in total.

All fallers have been awarded wooden spoons.  If anyone wasn't at the fallers club awards ceremony and would like their wooden spoon, please contact

Kathryn Logan, Jane Dobbinson or Nim Spalding   




Zetland hunting guide.

Guide to Hunting with the Zetland



  • Anyone wishing to subscribe to the Zetland Hunt or Visit for the day please contact the Secretary Louise Todd  07793807984 for more details.
  • Changes to times dates and places will generally be communicated by email and text. Please ensure the Secretary has your mobile phone no. and email address. 
  • Please avoid ringing the Secretary (Louise Todd 07793807984) or the Kennels 01325374330 when the weather is bad until after 8 a.m. or wait for a text. Your co-operation is appreciated.

Mounted Field

  • Courtesy and good manners are required at all times 
  • The Mounted Field must follow the Field Master at all times.
  • We Trail Hunt entirely due to the goodwill of the people who own and farm the land in the Zetland Country. If any accidental damage is done when crossing the Land it must be reported to a Master, the Secretary or the Fence Mender.
  • Please make sure you do not block the roads. Always let the traffic through, the driver may be trying to get to work! Thank drivers for slowing down. 
  • Please do not open gates adjacent to fences while people are still jumping. 
  • If your horse refuses at a fence please let other riders through before you make another attempt. If your horse, for whatever reason , continues to refuse at other fences please ride at the back of the field. 
  • Please arrive at the meet on time and correctly dressed. 
  • Please do not park in gateways, on mown verges or where you may block traffic.
  • Children should be the first to volunteer to open gates, hold a horse etc before an adult dismounts.
  • Mounted Followers must be members of the Countryside Alliance.

Car Followers

  • Please be thoughtful when you stop or park and turn off engines when hounds are near - exhaust fumes are unhelpful to hounds' noses. 
  • Please try and avoid blocking the way between the Huntsman , Hounds and the Mounted Field.

Have Fun !!