Peterborough Festival of Hunting

The Zetland put a team consisting of Helen Orton MFH, Emma Horner, Emma Hawksby and Neil Snowdon and ably assisted on the ground by Caroline Dennis, Pip Orton, Gail and George Snowdon in to the InterHunt Relay at Peterborough today. After 3 rounds, and some very frantic riding, they got to the quarter finals finishing 8th out of 32 teams. Well done everyone.

 Sarah Horner  sporting a broken foot was Chef d’quippe

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Tracy Kidd Kennel Club photographer of the year!!

Our very own Tracy Kidd has WON

 1st place Dogs at work 

The category is about showing dogs performing working tasks such as retrieving, pointing, running, herding, pulling a sledge, swimming, rescuing etc. 



Hound Exercise 14th July 2018

A few pictures of a very enjoyable morning out with James Finney Huntsman and Tom Cranage Whipper in and Zetland Hounds. 

We set off from the kennels at 9.30 and had a nice easy steady cycle with a stop at the stream in Stanwick for the hounds to cool off.

Back to the kennels for a bacon butty and a drink. Happy hounds. Happy children and Happy adults!!! 

There will be one or two more before we start the season.  Everyone welcome bri ng your own bike. Thank you to Terry for taking the pictures6rBnMnJ9QiWYTXxr12wWw thumb f55297BsMlPURu6DV5FZuMHRHg thumb f527cIEkoS7YRWOmTsupq0gdg thumb f50bd6TUpiW2QByB0mr6MyafGw thumb f54ddxTkZSX1TZiEIiP9tQ6iQ thumb f540FG2BU7iCR0iAG6hFDysJdA thumb f54cfOXpDOISI2zsfFUvpfxw thumb f548JAIsSCxiShefUaG2ryZtxw thumb f52eNrkeQRKlShZR8fxgix6Q thumb f544olja1b4ISomwVoZ6qAHdyQ thumb f526Or4JNA3oSpOhJoKb9xrBog thumb f52fQRJq0yu4Qke03FkL1qcNeQ thumb f520RMDQusZSo6n0NG3SIweSw thumb f529TeHeLw5DQ7yvYfBZQQP9WA thumb f54bwopUvdmTZK3iaOxYdoIA thumb f542VXoBPIZITeKG5i7hpdH0g thumb f539UenkrJ3aQmK3uYiH1jWDw thumb f52au8Hu4MPRu2yN6QnkxgVmQ thumb f530

Great Yorkshire Show Results 2018

Dog hounds

Best 2 Couple 2nd and  special prize 

Zetland Ripper,Richmond, Durham and Crooner

Stallion Hound 3rd Crooner


Best single unentered Bitch

3rd Rowdy and 1st special prize

Best couple of unentered bitches 

2nd Rowdy and Rosebud

Entered Couple bitches

1st Apple, April

2couple of entered bitches 

3rd Apple,Avril,Crochet and Cradle


Duncombe Park Hound results 2018

Duncombe Park proverd to be a very good first outing for our new huntsman James Finney and the Zetland Hounds.


Unentered Dog   1st Rockliffe. 4th Rokeby

Entered dog. 1st Crooner

Dog hound Couples 2nd Ripper and Crooner

Stallion Houn d 1st Jameson 4th Rustic

Unentered Bitch 3rd Rowdy 4th Rosebud

Entered bitch 4th Apple 

Bitch Couple 2nd Aple and Avril

Brood Bitch entry had to be withdrawn due to lameness

A fantastic day and such fun.  James and Tom did brilliantly.


Film night at Stapleton Manor


Zetland Hunt presents

Saturday night at the movies. Full feature film of last season plus BBQ supper at Stapleton Manor.

Tickets £25 includes welcome drink and BBQ.

One off opportunity not to be repeated.

It is also hoped to present David Jukes with his final leaving gift.

To reserve tickets please text Andrea Bartlett on 07860 185443