Updated New Auction Lots

1. A Christmas tree from Sough Hill
2. A 5 Litre Bottle of Glenelly Grand Vin Red Wine from Simon And Julie Deadman
3. 5 Vintage Shot Glasses from Shona Thomas
4. 1 Hour Commercial Legal Advice from Fiona Gibbon
5. 6 Large square bales of Wheat straw stored under cover at Forcett Valley
6. 4 Big Bales of Hay delivered within reasonable distance from Brookside.
7. A days Trail laying with William Snaith including aBacon Sandwich and Hip Flask.
8. A Polo Experience for 2 with professional polo player Francisco Stuven Orteli at West Hill Farm, Bramham. (ponies provided at an agreed date) from Stephen Fall
9. A Tracey Kidd photo shoot. (the more you bid the more you get. £500 gets a whole day)
10. Hunting Boots cleaned at the Kennels for a season.(boots to be delivered and collected)
11. A consultation and Treatment by Sarah Finney, Equine chiropractor and physical therapist.
12. A 5 Litre Bottle of Ochoa Grand Preserve Red Wine from Simon and Julie Deadman
13. A Sough Hill Christmas Tree
14. A Bickerton Wall Clock with Thermometer and Humidity Gauge. Weather resistant.
15. 6 Bottles of pasteurised apple juice from the Smith-Osborne orchard.

Rules for the 2019 Auction of Promises

 Some lots will have a start price and we reserve the right to withdraw any lots that do not reach a sensible price.

The Zetland Hunt Christmas Auction 2019.

Rules and Regulations.

To place a bid you must join the Whats app group. (contact Terry Wright on 07771 514285)

(if you do not have whats app it is free to download or you can send a bid by text to William on 07990 593060 but this will be slower and you will not be able to see the current bids.)

The bid should be in the form “lot 1. £xxx ” Only whole pounds no pence.

Once a bid has been placed it will be deemed as binding.

If two bids of the same amount come in, the first one as it appears on the app will be taken.

The first 10 lots will finish at 18.30 on 12/12/19 the next 10 at 19.00 and so on. 

Any bids with a time stamp after the end time will not be accepted (it’s not ebay so don’t leave it to the last second)

An update of the price of each group of 10 will be put on the app half an hour before the end time.

P.S.If you are not that sure about whats app and do not want to bid in any of the auctions you can leave at any time or switch notifications off.


This is a trial run to test if this format will work if everything crashes we will sort it out between the people who have donated the lot and the people bidding.

Assuming this works there will be another auction at the end of January.

“The Zetland January Sale (unwanted Christmas presents) and Spring Essentials.”

2019 Auction of Promises

The Auction of Promises is moving in to the Millennium with promises displayed on the website www.zetlandhunt.org
We are looking at setting up a WhatsApp group for bidding. In the meantime we are requesting about 30 lots with a Christmasy feel. Please let William Snaith have your promises on 07990593060 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hoping to go live in the next few days.

Great Yorkshire 2019 Show results

Results from the GYS:
Reserve champion un entered dog hound with Granville,

4th in the stallion hound with Jameson

Overall reserve champion Yorkshire dog hound. with Richmond.

Also a big thankyou for all that contributed to the fabulous picnic and we still have some things at the kennels that might belong to different people if they want to collect them. Thanks James.

Subscription Rates for the 2019-2020 season


           All Subscriptions to be paid either by standing order or in full prior to the Opening Meet


            No charge to Full, One Day or Senior Subscribers who have paid their Subscription,

            or are paying under Standing Order.

            £15/day (adult) and £10/day (child) in September & £25/day (adult) and £15/day (child) during October.


1. ADULTS:                FULL                               £1265 plus Field Money (FM)

                                     ONE DAY                         £965 plus FM

2. YOUNG ADULTS: (18 to 24 years from within the country) Half the above rates

3. SENIORS: (Those over the age of 65 years, who have hunted with the Zetland for more

than 20 years. This is a personal sub.)                     £605 plus FM


(a12-17 years old (who are members of the Zetland Hunt Pony Club, children of farmers,

landowners or subscribers)                                       £35 per day plus FM

                                                                                  or £220 for the season plus FM

(b12-17 years old (who don’t fall into the above category (a))£45/day plus FM 

Or £350 for the season plus FM

(c) Under 12 years old:                                           There will be no charge for these children,

                                                                                  but they must be accompanied by a mounted subscriber                              

                                                                                  who hasfully paid their subscription or cap for that day.

5. POINT TO POINT QUALIFICATIONSPoint to Point subscriptions are now under a National Scheme with payment made

direct to Weatherbys. This payment will include two days hunting, but these

exclude the Opening Meet and Boxing Day. Any additional days will be paid for

on a normal basis. A certificate will be issued by the hunt, to be sent with the

National Scheme subscription.

6. UNMOUNTED SUBSCRIBERS: to include annual membership

to ZHSC and car badge By Standing Order          £11 a month or £ 110

7. SEVEN DAY SUBSCRIPTION: 7 days inclusive of FM               £660


OPENING MEET CAP £130,                                        BOXING DAY CAP £130

Limited to 4 Days Cap for those living outside the Country

A PAY DAY at the end of the season, may take place, at the Masters’ discretion

9. COUNTRYSIDE MAINTENANCE (Field Money) @ £12 per day will be payable

on all subscriptions but may be compounded for certain subscribers as follows:

Full £165 One Day £135

                                                                (All ages from May 1st)

Duncombe Park 2019

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1st. un-entered dogs with Granville,

1st. Dog hound couples with Jaffa and Jameson.

3rd with Jameson in Stallion hound.

1st  un-entered Bitches with Zeta.

1st  entered bitches with Apple and 4 th in same class with Rowdy.

3rd in bitch couple with Duchess and Relish!