Update from Nick Straker (Chairman)

Zetland Hunt Update
Coronavirus or Covid 19 has had and will have an enormous impact on businesses, individuals and society as a whole.  We don’t yet know the extent of how long this will go on for and therefore the financial impact on the Hunt.  Fundraising through social events such as the end of season dinner and the point to point have ceased already and there will be further threats to the puppy show and other events during the summer.  There may even be a threat to the start of hunting next year – we will have to wait and see. In the meantime we are looking at ways to save money at the kennels and any ideas are always welcome.
The online Auction of Promises run by William Snaith will be deferred for a few weeks until the current position is more settled but it is then hoped to have a big push with this as it is something we can all get behind whilst in isolation! More details to follow from William in due course.
The Hunt’s position is that we hope to maintain our current staffing levels for the time being but this will obviously have to be kept under review. The staff will be working within the guidelines set by Government but it is clearly more difficult to comply with a business such as the hunt. The overriding issue is for the staff to try and stay safe.
Many people had already paid for tickets to the end of season dinner and those who would like a refund should contact the Hon Treasurer, David Anderson on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., giving details of their Account name, sort code & account number bank accounts so that he can make a refund of monies paid accordingly.
The stables doors at the kennels all need replacing.  There are 21 doors and the proposal is that subscribers and members may wish to sponsor a door.  The cost is £300 per door and sponsors would then have a plaque attached to the door with their name as a lasting commemoration. Please contact me or the Hon Treasurer should you wish to sponsor a door.
Subscriptions have been held at the same level for the last six years  but must now increase and the new rates with effect from 1 May 2020 are detailed below.
Full subscription 
One day’s subscription 
£   965
Seven day subscription 
£   660 
£   750 
£   605
£   650
Under 25s
Half the going rate 
Juniors (12-17)
£   220
£   250 
Daily cap (Saturday) 
£   120
£   125 
Daily cap (Tuesday)
£     90
£     90
Scent training 
No change 
Let us hope that the Government’s worst predictions are not accurate and that the Zetland Hunt members and subscribers escape largely unscathed.  It is testing times indeed and we must all try and help each other to get through this.
Nick Straker,  Chairman.

Zetland Hunt End of Season Dinner Cancelled



The Government’s most recent message is clear regarding social gatherings so we must sadly postpone the End of Season Dinner until later in the year, possibly as a Start of Season Dinner. We will monitor how things develop.

In the meantime huge thanks to Olivia Vaux and her team for all their efforts to organise what promised to be a really good evening.

The point to point may also be under threat.

Keep well, stay safe.

Nick Straker



The Wedding Barns, Gilling West
Thursday 19th March 2020
7:30pm for 8:00pm

Guest Speaker:-
Rt Hon Nick Herbert CBE
Chairman of the Countryside Alliance

Please click here to download your application form


The Zetland Hunt

The Zetland Hunt hunt within the law under the terms of the Hunting Act.
We are law-abiding people, so our activities today conform to the law, but we remain deeply
committed to safeguarding the traditions of hunting, the hounds, and the people whose
livelihoods depend on hunting.

Subscription Rates for the 2019-2020 season


           All Subscriptions to be paid either by standing order or in full prior to the Opening Meet


            No charge to Full, One Day or Senior Subscribers who have paid their Subscription,

            or are paying under Standing Order.

            £15/day (adult) and £10/day (child) in September & £25/day (adult) and £15/day (child) during October.


1. ADULTS:                FULL                               £1265 plus Field Money (FM)

                                     ONE DAY                         £965 plus FM

2. YOUNG ADULTS: (18 to 24 years from within the country) Half the above rates

3. SENIORS: (Those over the age of 65 years, who have hunted with the Zetland for more

than 20 years. This is a personal sub.)                     £605 plus FM


(a12-17 years old (who are members of the Zetland Hunt Pony Club, children of farmers,

landowners or subscribers)                                       £35 per day plus FM

                                                                                  or £220 for the season plus FM

(b12-17 years old (who don’t fall into the above category (a))£45/day plus FM 

Or £350 for the season plus FM

(c) Under 12 years old:                                           There will be no charge for these children,

                                                                                  but they must be accompanied by a mounted subscriber                              

                                                                                  who hasfully paid their subscription or cap for that day.

5. POINT TO POINT QUALIFICATIONSPoint to Point subscriptions are now under a National Scheme with payment made

direct to Weatherbys. This payment will include two days hunting, but these

exclude the Opening Meet and Boxing Day. Any additional days will be paid for

on a normal basis. A certificate will be issued by the hunt, to be sent with the

National Scheme subscription.

6. UNMOUNTED SUBSCRIBERS: to include annual membership

to ZHSC and car badge By Standing Order          £11 a month or £ 110

7. SEVEN DAY SUBSCRIPTION: 7 days inclusive of FM               £660


OPENING MEET CAP £130,                                        BOXING DAY CAP £130

Limited to 4 Days Cap for those living outside the Country

A PAY DAY at the end of the season, may take place, at the Masters’ discretion

9. COUNTRYSIDE MAINTENANCE (Field Money) @ £12 per day will be payable

on all subscriptions but may be compounded for certain subscribers as follows:

Full £165 One Day £135

                                                                (All ages from May 1st)